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Queenslander Brendan Nikolajew a proud husband

and father of two was told he had less than a year

to live.


For the ex-army man, and father of nine-month-old Roman, and Georgie, two, it was the final blow after months of treatment he hoped would cure him of testicular cancer. "It's pretty hard," he admits.

"It's hard talking about it.


"You gotta occupy yourself with doing stuff, especially with the kids."


Brendan, who fought the Taliban in Afghanistan as

a gunner with the Royal Australian Artillery before

being discharged with PTSD, had three rounds of

stem cell treatment after his diagnosis in 2017. 


Now after 14+ Treatments, Brendan is still fighting although now terminal.

We have just been on Channel 10 News, a report on the problems that arise after veterans leave the service. So the fight is for all of us to raise awareness to what is happening to Australian Veterans.




I'm always continuing to raise money as it's very unsustainable as a family to pay for all my alternative treatments and I've used up all my relatives and friends help to sustain the alternative treatments to stay as healthy as possible.

So any and all donations are so important and I know I've asked a lot from people in the past but the extra treatments have got me to where I am today.

Nobody who's completed 14+ treatments like myself are still alive to tell their story today and it goes to show all the extra alternatives have helped me stay alive.

So please share or please donate, it goes way further than anybody knows and a massive thanks to everyone who's already been apart of my families journey so far and have reached deep into their own personal pockets! 

I'll always keep the fight going, I'll never give up or quit, I can promise everyone that!

Thanks again and please share or donate. The tablets and extra support supplementation goes a long way!

Wounded Heroes is supporting Brendan.


If you would like to help  Brendan and his family please make a donation with the reference: BrendanN NOW!

“I joined the Army in 2008 as an RAA Gunner.

I was one of 7 Gunners selected as part of a 15 man contingency sent to England in February 2010 to train with the British Airborne Royal Horse Artillery for 7 months and deployed to Helmand Province in Afghanistan in the same year.
To be a Gunner and do this job in a war, was an experience very hard to explain sometimes. The
men I fought beside and trained with prior to the deployment are brothers by choice and i’ll always
have the highest of respect for each one of them. I’m glad I got the opportunity and I'd
do it all again. We returned home in April 2011, 14 months in total away from home.”
LISTEN MY STORY with Steve Price.
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