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We have all had quite a year with what's been going
with covid, floods and prices
of just about everything hitting the roof!

This year, Australia's only

for homeless veterans is

on Friday 11th November 2022.

@ Tivoli Drive-In Cinema


Spare a thought for those veterans sleeping rough tonight...

Experience what homeless veterans are experiencing...

And spend a night at the Tivoli Drive In Cinema.

Make a night of it, drive your car in and watch a movie, listen to bands,

sleep out under the stars or in your car

and support these deserving veterans.

To be aware there are just under 6000 veterans and their

families have been doing it tough either out on the streets

of this great nation or have the threat of sleeping rough

hanging over them NOW! TODAY!

Money raised will go directly to those veterans and some with families who need it most. 


Exercise Stone Pillow is Wounded Heroes major fundraiser event each year,
to raise funds and awareness for veterans that are homeless or at risk

of homelessness. 


Another Wounded Heroes initiative

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