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Proud sponsors and major funder

of Horses4Heroes


The James Frizelle Charitable Foundation has been established to support those who have contributed to our great country but may have unfortunately through no fault of their own, fallen on hard times and can no longer speak for themselves.


Inevitably they may not have Government support and are not considered popular or newsworthy charitable projects.


They remain the “forgotten” in our society.

We wish to assist them to get their life back on track and restore their dignity. We can do this by working with other eligible charities who have the necessary expertise and human resources but need our financial support.


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Horses and

service heroes

working together

Our four day program is now available to current serving members of the Defence Force. 


The program will be FREE-OF-CHARGE, supporting our commitment to our Wounded Heroes & Defence Force family.

For veterans ONLY wishing to participate in

the Equine Program please contact your rehabilitation provider for more details.


In early 2017, Wounded Heroes launched its very own Equine Program in Brisbane. 

Unlike other Equine Programs available to veterans & serving members,  we believe, as a Defence Charity supporting same, the cost should not be borne by our defence family - Volunteer based, Wounded Heroes will provide our program FREE of charge. 


Equine Healing was first conducted for service personnel in England during WW1 for all of the Commonwealth's disable servicemen.


An English lady by the name of Ms. Oliver Sands took her horses to the Oxford Hospital to provide riding training and grooming as part of the rehabilitation program of the service personnel wounded in WW1.


The proposal of the Wounded Heroes Equine Program (ground work) has been developed for the client who needs to develop a sense of self Worth and self confidence in their inner person.


Equine Healing stands in stark contrast to other current health treatments where medication fosters a passive experience, which is seen as the normal. Interacting with such a powerful and spirited animal instils a sense of self-worth and self-confidence, dealing with every day events.


This benefits in particular those people who as a result of mental distress PTSD, and have often experienced themselves as powerless


The Wounded Heroes Equine Program encompasses a range of treatments that includes activities with horses to promote physical, occupational, and emotional growth in persons with PTSD.

For more information please contact

1300 532 112



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