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Aim: The aim of both the Junior and Senior competitions is to allow the general public who are interested in gelball to come and try a SpeedQB style competition without any experience necessary and without having an established team, we are doing it this way to introduce NEW players to the sport and Wounded Heroes GelBall as well as catering to our existing Gelball Community Family.



Both competitions will be run the same way with simple rules to maintain fairness with all players regardless of previous gelball experience.


We are running an Upper and Lower Bracket Knock Out Competition, All The winners of the first round will go through to "top bracket preliminaries" and all the losers will go through to "lower bracket preliminaries", the winner of the lower bracket preliminaries will be added to the top bracket semis for a shot at redemption.


Each player will be playing at least 4 x 3min games over the first 2 knock out preliminary rounds.


Each round is a best of 3 elimination game, with the winners being whoever knocks out all of the other teams or who has the most alive players at the end of the 3 minute game, the games will be played back to back swapping sides between games.


Blasters, Gels & Magazines:

All Blasters, Gels and Magazines will be supplied by Wounded Heroes GelBall to maintain fairness.

When you purchase a ticket for the tournament you will not be able to allocate which team you are on, instead your teams are selected bingo style on Saturday morning, we are doing this to make sure every player regardless of experience has the same chance of being in a winning team as any other player.


We are not allowing personal blasters or gels to be used at this event for this same reason, we believe that is what makes this event so appealing to new and experienced gel ball players alike.


Because the competition is 100% About how you and your team come together on the weekend and not about the team that has spent the most money.


$20 per Junior

$30 per Adult


Listen to

to enter the River 94.9 Gelball Cup


Listeners will be invited to enter the River 94.9 Gelball Cup competition on the Saturday 6th August... Info from River 94.9 radio shows.


Each listener will be drawn into teams with 8 River 94.9 Presenters on the Saturday morning of the Tournament. The tournament will be played in the same way as the Juniors and Senior competitions. During the day River 94.9 will be broadcasting from Wacol, announcing results and updates on how the teams are doing.

Prizes will be presented on the Saturday for the winners.

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