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With her portrait, Rusty & Jack, Maleny artist Jane Nicol wants to do more to support the brave men and women of Australia's armed forces coping day-to-day  with the consequences of both injury and trauma. 

High quality art prints of the stunning portrait are available for purchase is three sizes, with a significant donation from the sale of each going to Australia's Wounded Heroes. The goal is to raise in excess of $100,000 to support our work.


Go to and support this wonderful portrait and Wounded Heroes.



One of the wonderful aspects of life in the Hinterland is the interesting and diverse folk who are drawn to live here.  Renowned artist Jane Nicol is one of the most intriguing individuals that the Rang as the pleasure of claiming. Jane’s story is an adventure in the unusual.  

Originally hailing from Scotland; Jane studied sculpture and ceramics as a teenager; became an award winning equestrian and a trauma psychotherapist whose passion was and continues to be, helping people resolve and heal trauma. As fate would have it, Jane herself suffered a brain injury after which as a means of healing, began to paint – a pursuit she had not previously undertaken.   When speaking with Jane you are taken by her effervescent and rapid movement forward.  Jane will lightly skip over the trauma of her injury and recovery process and rather joyfully explain that art therapy was part of her recovery program and although never having painted before or having any formal painting instruction she has developed her painting to a stage where she has won national and international recognition.  To say that Jane is a bit of a natural when it comes to painting is a huge understatement.  


Jane’s paintings are quite simply breathtaking and can be seen and purchased from Maleny Art Direct, Maple Street, Maleny As it seems with much of Jane’s story, one thing leads to another and when having her studio plastered Jane discovered her plasterer (a local) happened to be the owner of a thoroughbred ex-race horse (described as the slowest race horse in history) who rides for the light horse on Remembrance Day.   Jane suggested she paint the plasterer in uniform on his beautiful horse and, as a laid back laconic Aussie the plasterer with his equally laid back horse agreed.  


The painting “Rusty and Jack” is the result of this meeting of minds and interests. Jane’s original passion for healing people has not waned and although she no longer operates as a psychotherapist her desire to help and 

support people who have suffered trauma and their family has not diminished and Jane is now offering a percentage of the sale of her work “Rusty and Jack” to Wounded Heroes a not for profit organisation that offers support to military service people suffering from their injuries sustained during military service.  


The choice of Wounded Heroes was not random. Martin Shaw, Chief Executive Officer of Wounded Heroes explains it’s not just the person who has trauma who suffers; it’s also the families who no longer have the person they loved.  Suicide is high among the sufferers and also their families.   Wounded Heroes is not for profit and works to support not only the service person but also their families, who suffer the effects of the injury as keenly as their loved one.   Wounded Heroes in the last six months alone has: provided financial support to a young family for food and car repair (the Mum had hocked her wedding ring), her husband was injured in Afghanistan and has had four back surgeries; full car repair for a 28 year old serving soldier, who suffers PTSD and his wife who suffers depression from her husband’s health and is unable to work; electricity, food, emergency funds; an average of over $1,500 per week in crisis funds as well as working closely with the Padre / Welfare for current deployed soldiers families. 


 Wounded Heroes supports hundreds of families and is committed to being of assistance when and where needed, often providing support in emergencies and out of hours. A launch of the painting “Rusty and Jack” was be held on 11 November, Remembrance Day at the Maleny RSL at 11.30 am – with Rusty and Jack and Jane in attendance.  Jane doesn’t like being in the public eye, just wants to be in the background and paint and was delighted to have Major Graham Palmer, Welfare Office with Australian Defence. Jane announced that a donation of a percentage from the sale of a limited edition of 100 giclée prints of “Rusty and Jack” will be made to Wounded Heroes.  The very high resolution prints will be offered in various sizes to provide accessible pricing to all budget ranges. Joanne Howard from Maleny Art Direct, where the original painting and prints will be shown for sale has said that with the percentage of proceeds for the sale of the prints it is hoped that around $60,000.00 can be raised and donated to Wounded Heroes.   


To purchase one of these Limited Edition Canvas or paper Prints go to


Visit for more about the artist.

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