The lounge aims to address the alarmingly high rates of mental illness, homelessness and suicide among the veteran community.


Wounded Heroes has created a lounge for current serving and transitioning members, and their families, of the Australian Defence Force  – all ranks and services, including Welfare Staff, Chaplains, Reservists and, of course, Veterans.


The VetLounge welcomes veterans and their families  to come together with our Gaythorne Legacy War Widow Volunteers over a brew. A combined 17,500 years of lived military experience to share.

We have created a relaxing new space, without alcohol or pokies, to allow veterans and spouses to draw on the experience of others who have navigated the challenges of contemporary military life.


The VetLounge reflects our current objectives to assist our Veterans & their families in immediate financial crisis.

We then navigate to the other community services that are readily available, without duplication. In doing so, we continue our 15 year tradition of  Compassion, Hope and Purpose.


The VetLounge will proffer connection to community so that we all may share in the opportunity to pay our respects to our extended Defence Family – on any given day.

We have commissioned a feature wall dedicated to Veteran families in permanent recognition of the life and service of a loved one.

This dedicated place ensures that the family member represented, will always have a place in our hearts and in our daily routine.


Our Veterans will never be forgotten for their sacrifice.


This is not an Honour Roll, nor a re-creation of what already exists or a list of names divided by Service – this is not a Defence initiative, but reflects our core values that we share with every military family around Australia.


A place of voice.


A place of compassion.


A place to remember how important it is for us to continue providing a voice in the name of all those who have surrendered theirs.


With Open Arms

Martin C. Shaw

President (Volunteer)





For your contribution to The Veteran Lounge

Christie Bavage- CEO and Chief Sparkle Queen



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