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46.8% of transitioned veterans have experienced a mental disorder within

12 months of discharge. Only 1/4 are estimated to have received evidence; based care in the last 12 months.


5,767 contemporary veterans are estimated to experience homelessness.

Only 39% of those experiencing homelessness have sought assistance from mainstream services.


The rate of suicide in the ex service community is higher than the broader

Australian Community.

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We specialise in frontline support (24/7) for current serving ADF Members, Veterans and their families in financial crisis, homeless or at risk of homelessness. 


We have provided assistance to hundreds veterans and/or their families. A small number of these cases are repeated assistance, with the remaining becoming financially independent and secured permanent housing after support from Wounded Heroes.

We largely provide assistance to the ex-serving community, however they do support and refer current serving members as required. Five cases supported situations of family violence. 

The majority of assistance provided by Wounded Heroes is to veterans experiencing mental conditions, including PTSD, anxiety and major depression.


We are the first contact in an emergency situation and support has included calling an ambulance for

number of  veterans experiencing severe panic attacks and attempted suicide. 

Housing Stability

Our dedicated program, ‘Homeless Heroes,’ provides emergency care and financial support to assist the homeless or those veterans at risk of homelessness.


In terms of the homeless cases we tended, two were for veterans’ families while the remaining 42 were for veterans. One ‘at risk’ case was for family, with the remaining for veterans.

Distribution of Funds


The majority of Wounded Heroes funds go to providing basic needs for veterans and their families, with stable housing consisting of the largest portion of funding distribution. Food, including food vouchers, Uber Eats and roast dinners, is the second largest area of funding.



We are closely connected with other veterans’ organisations, with cases referred for emergency assistance from RSL, DVA (Triage and Connect),

and Open Arms. 64 cases have been referred from Open Arms, 10 from RSL and 38 from DVA (Triage and Connect). The remainder come through a variety of means, including social media within this period. 

How we've helped

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