Wounded Heroes Australia form new partnership with The Soldier's Cut

30 Nov 1999

On Monday, 24 June, Wounded Heroes Australia's President, Martin Shaw, CEO Kim Shaw, and NSW/ACT State Manager, Jemma Pigott, met with The Soldiers Cut Operations Manager, Matt Afford.

The Soldiers Cut is a leading meat wholesaler in Sydney, specialising in supplying quality meat, seafood, and fresh produce raffle trays.

Their noble mission is to support veterans and their families by donating 5-percent of their net profit, or $1 per meat tray sold to clubs, to worthy veteran causes.

Wounded Heroes Australia is very proud to be one of these causes and would like to thank both The Soldiers Cut and our amazing supporters at Mounties Group for referring us to them.

We are extremely excited about this new relationship and enjoyed meeting with our wonderful Sydney supporters this week!

Check them out - https://www.thesoldierscut.com.au/