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Program 1.2 - Individual support to the wounded


Other than death, the most serious impact of deployment is permanent physical or psychological wounds. Recovery programs, the individual’s choice and the extent of injuries will dictate whether a wounded serviceman or woman can continue

to serve, or must move on into civilian life.


Whatever the individual outcome, the member and their family need support and care, for it is unlikely that their life will continue unchanged.

Individual support to the wounded

Our servicemen and women are realistic about the professional risks they take, but they do expect to be treated fairly. Our wounded are provided with medical care and rehabilitation as a condition of their service, but some need augmentation. If they require specialist mobility and lifestyle aids or have to leave the defence force, they need to be properly housed, supported and allowed time to recover and be prepared for the next stage of their lives.


That period of recovery and preparation for the future can take years, and Wounded Heroes helps with funding that journey and cordinating donations from the public to assist.

Soldier Recovery Centres

Soldier Recovery Centres have been established around Australia for rehabilitation of wounded personnel. These centres are not fully funded and rely on the community for the provision of vital equipment and facilities.

Wounded Heroes is the inaugural financial supporter of the establishment of the Soldier Recovery Centre at Gallipoli Barracks in

Brisbane in 2012/3. We provided funds to bring the program forward by purchasing equipment and resources.

Family assistance

Rehabilitation programs exist for the wounded, but so much of the recovery process inpacts and depends on the family. Wounded Heroes provides emergency funding and other assistance for almost anything that will make life easier, and to help the family of a wounded veteran cope with a demanding set of new circumstances.


Counselling for children, short-term financial aid, respite for the spouse or domestic assistance are just some of the ways that the family's challenge can be eased.



Families of deployed personnel 

When troops deploy, their families often find they are overwhelmed by more than emotion, and this stress of separation is compounded in a military environment - by the fear that a loved one is in harm’s way. There are also bills to pay, children to care for, emergencies, responsibilities and pressures that may suddenly overtake a spouse used to sharing burdens with a partner. Urgent assistance, or assistance not provided by other agencies is available from Wounded Heroes.

Social engagement 

Wounded Heroes provides venues and funding for social gatherings where families of depoyed personnel can meet and establish friendship groups, discuss common issues of concern, or just to relax amongst like-minded company. Experience has shown that families cope with deployments better with a network of friends, have regular outside contact and know that there is support available when they need it. 

Hardship relief

Wounded Heroes provides financial assistance and services to stabilise families suffering by the absence of a partner or parent on deployment. Wounded Heroes helps with unmanageable and unforseen expenses such as tutoring or counselling for children not coping with parental absence, costs of

temporary medical disablement or other assistance for a spouse to cope with the family. 

Such support can totally shift the atmosphere for a military family.  

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