Ricky Blume 2nd Anniversary

By Kerrie Blune

Ricky Bradley Blume 2nd Anniversary

Ricky was a young boy who always loved nothing more then Gell ball.

 The Gell Ball community helped him grow in a player that loved nothing more then to help people on and off the field. His first SeepQB comp was held at the Wounded Heroes field at Wacol. This was the start of Ricky creating his name. 

 Ricky became Ricky Bobby who would send it every game, if the send it option didn't work it was Shake N Bake time. 

Sadly on the 11th of Febuary 2022 our beautiful boy grew his angel wings. Ricky left an impact in the hearts of many people.  

 Every Year to honour our Beautiful Ricky we give back by fundraising for those in need. 

This year in Honour of Ricky Blume, we will be raising money for Wounded Heroes. 

Wounded Heroes Australia provides 24/7 crisis support to veterans and families experiencing emotional and financial hardships. Our ADF veterans and families face many challenges when they serve and after service.

Thank you for your generosity!

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