Fundraising Terms and Conditions 

Wounded Heroes Australia (WHA; collectively referred to as “us” and "we” throughout this document).

Our terms and conditions for fundraising are set out below. Please ensure you follow them and if you are unclear about anything, feel free to contact us on 1300 853 080, visit www.woundedheroes.org.au or our social media channels.

  1. WHA welcomes interest to fundraise from individual people or groups of people, companies, or organisations (those who are approved are collectively referred to as “the Authorised Fundraiser” in this document). 
  2. The Authorised Fundraiser must abide by all terms and conditions herein. 
  3. The fundraising activity must be executed in the Authorised Fundraiser's name. 
  4. The Authorised Fundraiser will have sole responsibility for organising and managing the fundraising activity in an appropriate and professional manner. 
  5. It is the responsibility of the Authorised Fundraiser to manage finances, staffing, marketing, promotion, sponsorship and running of the activity.
  6. The Authorised Fundraiser's fundraising activity will not be a WHA fundraising activity. It will be a fundraising activity to raise funds for WHA. Some suggested phrases for promotion are: “Funds raised will support the work of WHA” or "Proudly supporting WHA".
  7. The Authorised Fundraiser must ensure they are compliant with any applicable state or fundraising legislation or local council regulations and should ensure any permits, authorities, insurances, or licenses are secured for the activity. This information will be available from your State or Local Government authority.
  8. The Authorised Fundraiser is responsible for ensuring the safety of the activity, including organising any appropriate public liability insurance and providing first aid services if required.
  9. You will securely hold all funds raised until the activity is completed. They will ensure full records of income are kept and that the funds raised are deposited to WHA within 10 days of the activity being completed. 
  10. The Authorised Fundraiser will deposit all proceeds from the sale of any WHA merchandise and return any unsold items including unused fundraising materials to WHA within 10 days of the activity being completed.
  11. The Authorised Fundraiser is not permitted to conduct door‐to‐door, street, or telephone approaches to the general public for donations in connection with the activity.  
  12. All fundraising activities must be carried out humanely and not contravene legislation protecting the natural environment, people, animals, and property.
  13. The Authorised Fundraiser agrees to release WHA from any claims associated with the activity and will indemnify WHA for any liability or costs that may arise in respect to: 
    1. Damage and loss of any property, and 
    2. Injury, impairment, and death occurring to any person associated with the activity caused by breach of responsibilities or negligence.
  14. The Authorised Fundraiser acknowledges they are of proper physical and mental condition to carry out the fundraising activity and have considered and voluntarily agree to any and all risks associated with conducting the activity.
  15. The Authorised Fundraiser understands that they, their agents, or personal representatives, cannot claim against WHA or its directors, officers, staff, volunteers and agents for loss, damage, injury, impairment, and death however occurring, as a direct or indirect result of this fundraising activity.
  16. WHA reserves the right to withdraw support for the activity at any time if there is any likelihood that the fundraising activity and/or the Authorised Fundraiser fails to comply with the above responsibilities.
  17. If the Authorised Fundraiser is not using the designated WHA fundraising web platform, they must first seek written permission and approvals from WHA prior to commencement of any fundraising. All fundraising activities are subject to approval by WHA.