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Proud sponsors and major funder

of HomelessHeroes


The James Frizelle Charitable Foundation has been established to support those who have contributed to our great country but may have unfortunately through no fault of their own, fallen on hard times and can no longer speak for themselves.


Inevitably they may not have Government support and are not considered popular or newsworthy charitable projects.


They remain the “forgotten” in our society.

We wish to assist them to get their life back on track and restore their dignity. We can do this by working with other eligible charities who have the necessary expertise and human resources but need our financial support.




Radio Appeal
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This radio ad is for Sydney

But the same applies all over the country!


Homeless Heroes has been established by Wounded Heroes in 2017 to assist with emergency solutions to assist in solving the homeless veteran problem in Australia.

As with Wounded Heroes, Homeless Heroes are 'first-responders' and supports not only homeless veterans but also partners of veterans, where other community services are not immediately available.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) statistical definition states that when a person does not have suitable accommodation alternatives they are considered homeless if their current living arrangement:

  • is in a dwelling that is inadequate; or

  • has no tenure, or if their initial tenure is short and not extendable; or

  • does not allow them to have control of, and access to space for social relations.


Homeless Heroes supports Veterans & includes people who have served as a member of the Australian Defence Force, whether they have served in a theatre of war or not.  This includes peacekeepers and reservists. 


How Many Veterans

are Homeless?


The numbers are not known and this has stifled the debate since 2009.  Estimates range from 300 to 3,000 based upon a census study. Thus, there is no empirical evidence on the number of homeless veterans or those at risk of homelessness in Australia. The important thing is that it doesn’t matter how many there are.  One is too many.  The fewer there are the easier it will be to solve the problem.


Causes of veteran



The greatest predicators of veteran homelessness are:

  • Mental illness;

  • Substance abuse (alcohol, prescription and illicit drugs);

  • Family breakdown (often as a result of the previous two); and

  • Financial problems.


For more information OR if you need assistance please contact us 1300 853 060

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