Horses 4 Heroes

Wounded Heroes Australia offers a four-day Horses 4 Heroes equine healing program for current and ex-serving ADF personnel.

Equine healing program for ADF veterans

Equine Healing has huge health benefits for individuals experiencing mental health issues such as depression, anxiety or posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). 

Course attendees (with the support of our equine team) work through a range of practical interactions such as grooming, feeding and groundwork exercises with our horses. By allowing participants to connect and care for our beautiful horses they gain the trust and respect of the horse, and in turn for themselves instilling confidence and self-worth.

This program is available to current/ex-serving and transitioning ADF personnel.

The benefits

• Improved mental health
• ImprovedImproved sense of well-being and self-worth
• Improved alertness - being present in the moment 
• Improved physical condition
• Improved motor skills/co-ordination 
• Boosted cardiovascular system 
• Stimulation of the hormone serotonin
• Opportunities for lasting friendship and sense of purpose/belonging

What our clients say

Crisis Hotline
1300 532 112

If you or a loved one is experiencing difficulty with everyday life and would like to be part of our program, please reach out and contact us for more information on 1300 532 112 or complete our online form below. 

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